Our Achievers Say...

  • Prateek sir's way of teaching is awsome. I like the way he teaches and explains the things in an easy way. He does not discriminate between good student and an average student. I really like his dedication towards the students to improve their results. The guidance provided by sir helped me to get the correct mindset that a student needs for the preparation. All I can say that sir has a big cintribution in my scroing CGPA 10

    • Arpita Telang
  • Prateek sir's focused guidence and conceptual efforts helped me to score CGPA 10. Joining Er. Prateek Classes was a big boon in life. It was just the perfect decision. The study material provided here with excellent teaching helps us a lot to develop interest as well as to deeply understand the chapter. Along with this the regular test allow us to judge ourselves. In a sentence "I feel proud to be a student here". I wish all the best to the Prateek Classes.

    • Neha Agarwal
  • Prateek sir is a always there to help you and guide you.Sir takes extra pains and make you understand all the topics wih great depth. The chapter wise modules given here are perfect for the preparation of our CBSE exams as well as for diffrent competitive exams. They are designed in such a manner that we are able to clear all our doubts. The question at the end of every chapter includes the question that were being asked in previous year's papers. This enables us to understand pattern of CBSE papers.

    • Palak Panthi
  • Studying at Er. Prteek Classes has been one of my best decisions ever. I spent 3 years studying here and this was an absolutely life changing period of my life. In order to get a first class education & result, this is the most appropriate place to get trained!

    • Harshit Khanna
  • Sir is very nice teacher who is always ready to help and clear doubts of his student. He is a remarkable teacher, explains very well and give attention to each and every student. All concepts covering study material and regular test helped me to go though each and every topic of the subjects. I am thankful for his special guidance.

    • Priyanka Singh
  • Studying at Er. Prteek Classes has always helped me to gain a confidence to compare with other students. I feel very confident in saying that Er. Prateek Classes is undoubtedly best institute for building strong foundation for higher classes well timed test schedule always make students confortable in giving their best performance. Sir has helped me in many ways and not just in studies. I am always thankful to him and for the environment he has provided enabling me to study and score marks.

    • Aditi Sharma
  • Er. Prateek classes is a milestone in my journey of self discovery of my strengths. Under the guidance of Prateek sir, I was able to assess my weakness and work upon them. I have learned the important Virtues of patientce, dedication, tireless hardwork, punctuality and many such quality from him. The excellently detailed study material, mock tests, and question papers provided by the institution helped us ace the examinations.
    Also sir organised and systematic teaching methodology helped us learn and grasp quickly. Now, I'm more focused and career oriented.
    I express my gratitude to the institution and give all the credit of my success to prateek sir.

    • Shravani Shendye